We offer positive reinforced training here at Crystal Kennels...we take only a limited amount of dogs. Dogs that come for training are treated as our own and are given ample amounts of time for each individual dog and developing their potential.

Judy is a licensed veterinary technician, fear free certified and has put numerous obedience and hunt test titles on several different breeds. She has attended several behavior seminars through Cornell University and through other institutions. She has a special interest in the behavior of dogs and has taught dog obedience classes since 1982.

Andy is a 28 year K9 officer for the Schuyler County Sheriff's Department and has trained and worked with "Basha" Labrador retriever (now deceased) who was advanced narcotic detection, tracking and cadaver certified..."Niko" (German Shepherd) ...advanced narcotic detection, tracking and patrol certified... "Teaka" (now deceased) and his present dog "Ria"  German Shepherd...advanced Narcotic detection, tracking and patrol certified.

We love dogs and our whole life revolves around the dogs we work with, live with and love. If you'd like more information on our training program please contact us. We offer gun dog training, obedience training, puppy bird dog training,  problem solving and private one on one lessons.

The dogs pictured on this page are several we have trained and titled for their owners. We are fully insured through Kennel Pro.

Training Fees:  May 26 2021

$1200 per month (puppies and novice dogs) includes birds

$1500 per month advanced gun dog training plus cost of shot birds

$1500 per month trained retrieve ( motivational reliable retrieve)

Private one on one lessons  $75 per hour

obedience classes $125. per 6 week session (Group lessons)

Boarding per day $30  with exercise daily $35