Crystal's Trial Size CD, SH, NRD
(10 x NSTRA Ch. Snip's Ticked Off SH x Olde Ridge Liebran Lorelei)

1/8/1999- 6/11/2014   

Forever Young is in Your mind.............

We lost our Beloved Indy at 15.5 years of age. I cannot bear to move her to the 'memory' page, so she will remain on her 'own' page.

Indy never grew old even the day she was euthanized. Unfortunately an aggressive cancer stole her sight and she did not tolerate that well. 
She was our # 1 dog who will remain that way in our hearts and souls forever.
We miss you dear sweet soul and you will remain # 1 forever........


My Favorite picture! 14 years 11 months

15 years old