VC Garbonita Adonis Von Crystal
( VC/Ch Crystal's Up Close 'N Personal CD, RD, MH C-ROM  x VC Garbonita Hustlin Tango )
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HOF VC/Ch Crystal's Up Close 'N Personal CD, RD, MH, ROMXX
( DC/AFC Odyssey's Sam Saint Max MH x Crystal's Trial Size CD, SH, NRD )

See Josh's page for more information      Frozen semen only

Josh truly proves by the titles he's earned what a versatile dog is. He has produced 38 breed champions to date along with 21 MH offspring, 6 NAVHDA VC, 2 Dual Champions, 1 MACH, several NAVHDA UT and many NA prized pups. Josh's temperament is stellar and he throws that into his puppies. They are known for their happy, easy to train, stable temperaments. 

Dsc 0755