AKC / INT'L UKC GRCH Quinebaugh's Estellee of Abbe Lane MH RDX

GCh. Schutzen's White Onyx CD, BN, RE, JH, NRD, NA I

VC/AFC/FC Zodiak's Crystal Afterburner MHA, UD, SHR, VCX

Ch. Crystal's Star in My Sky SH, RDX

Ch. Weinheim Good Night Gracie

VC Garbonita Adonis Von Crystal

VC Garbonita Adonis von Crystal

VC Garbonita Adonis von Crystal

Ch. Deerhaven's Aint She Purty SH

Ch. Chindi's Maximum Impact CDX, GN, RE

VC Shooter's Lil Avalanche

Chindi's Leave No Trace UD, GO, RE and Crystal's Blackberry Twist CD, BN, RN, JH NA 112

AFC/ Ch. Twinsome's Hoover von Keiffer MH

Ch. Siar's Summertime Carp-A Diem

GrCh. Quinsea's Black Tie Affair JH

Ch. R Desire's Under The Gun CD, MH

Ch. Crystal's Keeper of The Stars, SH

GrCh. Quinsea's Black Tie Affair JH

Ch. Diadem's Personal Preference JH

Gr.Ch. Crystal's Just a Lil Stardust MH

Ch. summertime's Catch Me If You Can OA OAJ C

Ch. Crystal's Dutch Treat MH

Twinsome's Sammy Girl von Keiffer MH

Ch. Crystal's Peacekeeper MH

Ch. DNR It don't Come Easy JH

Ch. Quinsea's Personal Ensign

Crystal's Jesse James MH, UT prize I

Garbonita Artemis von Crystal UT prize I

Diadem's Don't Get Personal V Crystal

Shooter's Outlander Lilley

GrCh. Crystal's Star Witness, MH

Intl. Ch. Snip's Tennessee Jed SH, NA prize I

Ch. Lakeside Whitetail Dream JH

"Prairie" MH

Crystal's Mist Of The Stars MH (FT pointed)

Ch. Chindi's Firestarter CDX, RD, MH

Ch. Karina's Up N coming at Daybreak JH, NAI

Ch. Crystal's Dutch Royale at Wynnsong JH

Ch. Siar's Off The Hook

VC/DC Fieldmans Journeyman Jake SH, NA II

Siar's Catch and release SH

Ch. Siar's Catch of the Day JH

Crystal's Blackberry Briar SH, RD, UT II